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Date 3/3/2023
Physician or Audiologist seen? Nikia Bridges Au.D., FAAA, CH-AP
What was the primary reason for your visit? Hearing Loss and Ear Disorders

As an aging baby boomer, it became obvious that my hearing was no longer as good as it used to be. I often could no t clearly understand conversations in crowded spaces, such as in restaurants with my grandchildren. My family doctor referred me to Dr. Arenstein.

My initial ENT appointment in November 2022 went very well. Dr. Arenstein provided an overview of the hearing system and examined my ears. Audiologist Dr. Bridges conducted a hearing test. She explained what to expect in the hearing booth and how to respond. After the test, she showed me the graph of the results which indicated moderate hearing loss in some frequencies. I decided to get hearing aids.

My subsequent ENT appointments were solely with Dr. Bridges. At visit 1, she ran a different test in the sound booth, discussed various hearing aid options and how they worked, and answered all my questions so I could select the hearing aids I wanted. At visit 2, I received my hearing aids. Dr. Bridges showed me how to put them on and care for them. While I was responding to a mashup of several languages in the sound booth, she determined how to configure the hearing aids for my needs. At visit 3, Dr. Bridges answered the long list of questions I had accumulated after using the hearing aids for a few weeks.

Dr. Bridges is an amazing audiologist. She is highly competent in her profession. She has a calm and welcoming approach. She demonstrates how to care for hearing aids as ma ny times as needed. She answers all questions, regardless of how long it takes. She makes herself available to her patients any time. I am so very grateful to Dr. Bridges. I can hear so much better now in every situation including talking with family and friends, running errands in stores, and sharing the park with chirping birds.